The Principal

The owner and founder of isk Investmentstrategie und -konzepte, Mr. Hauke Höfer, has a 33 year track record of experience in asset management, project management & business development, renewable energies, private equity / venture capital and financial transactions. He worked for several multi-national companies as well as on a self-employed basis. A reliable network of international contacts in various industries build the ground of his professional achievements. The founder's broad range of contacts and his experience in international trade and cross border cooperation are a core asset of isk Investmentstrategie und -konzepte.  With isk Investmentstrategie und -konzepte, Hauke Höfer continues his corporate priorities with a focus on advisory services, Private Placement Programs & renewable energy projects.


He is an excellent speaker and presenter with over 2000 performed presentations.


Aside from the participation on innovative and exciting growth industries, isk Investmentstrategie und -konzepte aims to contribute to a sustainable economic development to assure the primary care of the world's population and our planet for following generations with a clear focus on sustainability in economic doing and thinking. This includes explicitly a high level of ethics and sustainable orientation for isk Investmentstrategie und -konzepte business relationships.


As a personal matter of concern; to give insight in the financial industry, using 'common sense' and to make it 'visible' to the public to avoid wrong financial decisions with relevance to one's financial stability in the years of retirement is a personal matter of concern for Hauke Höfer in various public and private presentations and lectures.

Business Areas / Current Projects

Agriculture Projects


Advisory Services


Renewable Energy Projects


Financial Transactions

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